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Guest Blogging at the Social Penguin: Our guide to Social Media Analytics

Check out my latest post over at the The Social Penguin blog this week, I’ll be taking a closer look at some of the free online analytic tools I used in my first guest post back in April on Illegal Jacks social media campaign. Social Media Analytics isn’t a “black art” and I’ll dispel some of the myths by looking at 3 tools that are incredibly easy to use.

Check it out here and remember to add your comments, Dave the Social Penguin likes to hear your thoughts.

Guest blogging at the Social Penguin again.

I’m featuring on The Social Penguin blog this week, talking about the rise of Egosurfing and why it’s not just for the narcissists among us. It features some really insightful research by the Pew Research Centre on managing your internet image.

Check it out here.


  • I'm really enjoying The Vanishing of Ethan Cater on Steam but my god the motion sickness killing me. 14 hours ago
  • RT @Censored_Pixel: Anyone have a spare #EGX after party tickets? Hola please 💜 2 days ago
  • RT @TwopTwips: NOT got an Ello invite? Simply compose updates on a typewriter and throw them into the cold, lonely Shoreditch air. (via @Sw2 days ago
  • The new @steam_games UI is great but I'm going to end up even poorer than when a Steam Sale is on with all these recomendations 2 days ago
  • Anyone know of UK stockists of Pumpkin Spice? I need to get my autumn baking on. 2 days ago



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