Foursquare is the secret to weight loss

I’m no gym rat and frankly if I could get away with it I’d probably not bother going (being signed up to run a few races this year makes this unlikely) so any kind of motivation to go and work out is a bonus for me.

I decided I would try and become the foursquare mayor of my local gym (Drumbrae) by unseating its current mayor (and fellow EdCM attendee) Lorraine_P as my desire to be a foursquare mayor vastly outstrips my desire to workout. I’ve been checking in at every visit since February but frustratingly I always seem to be 1 day away from being mayor.

Gym Rat Badge
Foursquare Gym Rat

They keep me hanging on at that one day point so I’ll visit more and you know what? It bloody works! (Just one more day Kelly! You can workout again tomorrow, just one more day! Gaah!) I usually go to the gym 3 times a week but recently I’ve been going, 4 sometimes even 5 times a week to try and snatch that mayorship. I would never go to the gym that often if it wasn’t for Foursquare.

So thanks Foursquare, I’m still not mayor but hey at least I’ve lost a load of weight.


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