I have so much to say that I cant say anything

Bit of a weird title but it’s kinda true

I’ve just been looking through the sheer amount of unfinished blog posts I still have as draft on here. It’s shocking really. Once again other projects have demanded more of my time and my poor blog is lying neglected. Busy busy with work and somehow I was convinced that I needed to run my first 10k this year. (I’m such a sucker sometimes.)

Some forgotten blog post examples from the past:

  • Blessed are the Meek
  • Music in video games: does it make or break the experience?
  • My adventures making Turkish Delight
  • Can you wear a ballgown to a Twestival?

I doubt half of these will make the light of day now which is a pity but a lot of the humor in them has been lost as time has gone on. Perhaps if I forgo sleep for a week I can finish one of them?


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