About the Blog

So I know that the most successful blogs always focus on one thing and then write about it really well. The thing is, that sounds really boring to me…Since I have so many different passions in life I’ve decided to try talking about them all. The chances are I’ll end up talking about many things in an average fashion rather than one thing brilliantly, but hey variety is the spice of life.

So you don’t think I’m completely schizophrenic here’s a few things you can definitely expect to find me rambling about on a regular basis;

Marketing and social media (I do it for a living, but I swear I won’t make it boring)
Baking cakes (with pictures and recipes if you’re good)
Knitting and crochet
Playing video games

Everything else will be pretty random.

About Kelly

Random Encounter is entirely the ramblings, prattling and personal views of Kelly Forbes. Kelly has worked in Marketing and PR in Edinburgh for over five years in both the private and public sector. This blog is an chance to delve a little deeper in to various random and crazy thoughts she has on occasion, not to mention that sometimes 140 chars just isn’t enough to pontificate effectively.

If you would like a more to experience more of Kelly in slightly smaller doses please follow her on her Twitter account @Macfack or if you would like to take a ganders at her professional history you can visit her LinkedIn page.


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