How to stop procrastinating and start blogging

Repost from The Social Penguin Blog I’ve been meaning to write about procrastination but I keep putting it off! (Ba doom doom tish.) This blog post has probably taken 2 months to write (and another month to publish..) Ok that’s a lie, this first paragraph took a few minutes to write the rest of it […]


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An Invitation

Thanks to Facebook most of you know that it was my birthday today. I wont be celebrating much this evening as I’m saving that for Saturday 26th when I’ll be having some drinks in Edinburgh with friends. If you’d would like to join me for a few drinkies (or would just be interested in seeing […]

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The importance of Lists

I’m not talking about the Twitter kind (though they are very important and you should use them) but lists of all kinds. We spend our entire lives making them. Christmas lists, shopping lists, things to be done lists, things to do before you die lists and that’s before we’ve even got to the ‘your top […]

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