The importance of Lists

I’m not talking about the Twitter kind (though they are very important and you should use them) but lists of all kinds.

We spend our entire lives making them. Christmas lists, shopping lists, things to be done lists, things to do before you die lists and that’s before we’ve even got to the ‘your top 10 favourite’ lists. They’ve made an entire movie out of making lists but why are they so important?

Making a list
making a list

Making a list brings a bit of order to things, all the stuff you have swirling about in your head can be poured in to a list and prioritised. The important stuff up top and the not so important down the bottom (or scored off entirely). Which is another reason we like to make lists, the sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction we feel when we can finally draw a big line through a task. A list is a goal, something to achieve, and nothing makes us feel good about ourselves like feeling that we’re achieved the goals we set for ourselves. Most importantly for me lists serve as a reminder. Always staring you in face and never letting you forget how far you’ve still got to go.

Today I’m going to set aside some time to make some hefty lists…

I’ve had a lot of time for self reflection lately and I feel a need for a change of direction so I’ll be making a list of my goals and the things I need to achieve to get there. A list of the things I want to change would also be handy for focusing my mind and maybe a list of things I want to see and do this year to ensure I have enough fun in my life…oh and I need to make a shopping list too, a girls gotta eat after all.

Making lists is healthy and somthing you should all try today, it doesn’t have to be quite so heavy as my list. Perhaps make a list of books you want to read, things you’d like to learn this year or places you’d like to visit?

Remember making the list is half the fun, completing it is the other.


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