Second viral prediction of the year

Ok this ad is funny which is one of the reasons I love it, but I also love the fact that it was shot entirely in one take, the only digital fakery is the bottle coming out of his hand at the end. I’ve also giggled wondering just how many people actually look away and back when instructed to.

It’s a long way from the Old Spice ads of yore. 5 million views and counting, what do you guys think of it?


4 thoughts on “Second viral prediction of the year

  1. Hey Kelly,

    This is funny and SO different to my view of an Old Spice kind of guy. In my youth my olfactory sensors designed an immediate rejection for the smell; it was developed as a way to weed out potential mating partners. Old Spice meant: too old, too cheap, too much like Daddy and Old Uncle What’s-his-name.

    I can see teenagers who are yearning to be Men embracing this new smell getting the woman of my mom’s generation into trouble. If it works there will be floods of woman in their 60’s finding themselves unusually attracted to young men in the street.

    I say Viral Predicament not Viral Prediction ;)


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