The perfect whoopie pie recipe is eluding me

Whoopie Pie
Whoopie Pie

*UPDATE* Whoopie Pie Recipe can now be found here

It’s been almost a month of baking every weekend and I still haven’t nailed down a recipe I’m happy with. The photo above was from my very first batch which I was reasonably pleased with, problem is I totally adjusted the recipe I was working from as I went along and now I can’t recreate its awesomeness. It was a rookie mistake that I’m paying for now.

Similar to old fashioned alchemy, the beauty of baking is that all the ingredients mathematically balance to bring you a wonderful cake, you experiment and blend your ingredients until they magically come together in a perfect mixture. The problem I’m having with the whoopie pie is the ratio of dry to wet ingredients that I just can not get my head around, so I keep changing it. The wet and dry in a cake are supposed to cancel each other out, with the eggs binding everything together. Yet here the mixture is incredibly wet but still thick (which makes no sense to me.)

This is all before we even get to the plain flour vs self raising flour issue. Traditionally the recipe calls for plain flour, I’ve tried it with both and there seems to be no difference, they will both still come out like biscuits rather than cakes. Adding some bicarb of soda has been the only way I’ve gotten a nicely domed little cake, but this isn’t in the recipe so how did they get their cakes to rise?

I really need to play around with the recipe some more, but the office has banned me from making more cakes until further notice so there is no one to eat them. :(


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