An Invitation

Thanks to Facebook most of you know that it was my birthday today. I wont be celebrating much this evening as I’m saving that for Saturday 26th when I’ll be having some drinks in Edinburgh with friends. If you’d would like to join me for a few drinkies (or would just be interested in seeing […]

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The importance of Lists

I’m not talking about the Twitter kind (though they are very important and you should use them) but lists of all kinds. We spend our entire lives making them. Christmas lists, shopping lists, things to be done lists, things to do before you die lists and that’s before we’ve even got to the ‘your top […]

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I’m on a writers holiday

It’s not quite what you’d imagine. If I personally didn’t know better I’d have presumed I was going off to some sort of stately home or camp to immerse myself in the ways of writing (for a reasonable fee naturally) in much the same way that people go on cooking holidays. In reality I’ve actually […]

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Oh how I miss The West Wing

I make no secret of the fact my favourite TV show ever was The West Wing, it’s been awhile since I watched it so I thought I’d start again from the beginning. The show has a lot of moments that are truly great television but it wasn’t until this scene in season 4, called 20 […]

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I need Festival Mentors

[tweetmeme source=”macfak” only_single=false ] It’s now less than a month until the Edinburgh Festival begins and as per usual I have nothing planned. Please don’t assume I am some jaded local who has been “experiencing” the Festival for many years, who now looks upon the descending horde with derision and sighs at the inconvenience […]

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