Social Media & The Evolution of Cats

Repost from the Social Penguin Blog Cats have really had the internet meme down for quite some time now. When Icanhazcheezburger (or Lolcats) came along in 2007 everyone realized just how much mileage could be made from funny pictures of cats. Many emails and memes shared later (Google Basement Cat for a start) Cravendale have […]


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Looking for disgruntled Tweeters

I’m currently working on some research to quantify how far a negative brand message can travel via social media and I’m looking for some test subjects. If you’d like to help out I’m looking for people who have had a genuine bad customer service experience recently and would be willing to vent their frustration with […]

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Radio One vs Radio Two

This isn’t about a fight between Chris Moyles and Chris Evans (though it would be interesting to see who would win that bout.) It’s actually about an argument between my friends and I over Radio One and Radio Two. I am a Radio One listener, though probably exclusively mornings and evenings only. My friends (Lou […]

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