Radio One vs Radio Two

This isn’t about a fight between Chris Moyles and Chris Evans (though it would be interesting to see who would win that bout.) It’s actually about an argument between my friends and I over Radio One and Radio Two.

I am a Radio One listener, though probably exclusively mornings and evenings only. My friends (Lou and Becca) are Radio Two listeners and I imagine that like me they probably only listen to it around the commute. The recent (and ongoing argument) the title refers to is that they have both ganged up on me and insist that I should be listening to Radio Two like them. Why? Because I’m 25…

That’s it, not because they believe the content provided on Radio2 is superior to Radio1, but that Radio1 is for “teenagers” and that Radio2 is for “people like us”.

Radio Centre claim that the average age of a Radio1 listener is 33, outside of their 15 to 29 age range. Yet recent media coverage also claims that Radio2 is targeting a much younger audience. So I do fit in the age demographics for both.

I listen to Radio1 because I like the music, I tried Radio2 and found their playlist to be really old and far too boring. I want a radio station that isn’t afraid to play The Prodigy at 8am on a weekday morning, sometimes it’s just what you need to get you going.

This whole idea of me having to change radio stations because I’m in my twenties is ridiculous…after all my boyfriend loves Radio Four and he’s under the age of 50.


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