Why I’m not using Google Buzz

I seem to have been christened the unofficial social media person in my office. Perhaps the early indication should have been when my boss started calling me “The Big Twit” but then she could also have been calling me names, who knows?

I know the social media commentators have already been quick to pass their judgements (like this great one from The Huffington Post) and strictly speaking my post is very old news however, I’ve had a few friends on Twitter asking me why I’m not on Google Buzz and frankly 140 chars is not enough to vent my frustration with it.

Firstly I don’t use Gmail (I can hear the gasps of shock and horror already.) So the whole problem/blessing of having your most active contacts preloaded in to Buzz didn’t affect me at all. The reason I don’t use Gmail is exactly the same reason I won’t be using Buzz…Adsense!

No doubt the more tech savy of you will be aware that every time you send an email via your Gmail account Google’s Adsense scans it for keywords and then will use these to produce personally targeted advertisements for you via a stored cookie. The same has been proposed for Buzz. I tend to enrage at cookies that target ads at me based on my browsing history so you can imagine my reactions to these.

I know there’s an opt out for all this but frankly its a bit of a hassle and you have to download and set up plugins on your browser to do it. I’d rather just stick to Twitter and not use it.

I’m starting to agree with Steve Jobs, Google is flying a little too close to the evil darkside, come back to the light guys we don’t want the rise of the GoogleBorg!


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