Social Media Analytics – A beginners guide to free tools

Back in April the Social Penguin blog featured my very first guest post on the analytics behind Illegal Jacks successful use of social media marketing. It caused a bit of a stir at the time because I jokingly called analytics’s a “black art” because whilst it incredibly easy to do, a lot of people are […]


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Yay my Tweets are back!

Avid Twitter users will be aware of all the ongoing problems the social network has suffered recently. Tweet counts have been decimated, entire tweets have gone missing and the Fail Whale has been on my screen so often I was beginning to think it was actually my screen saver. I personally like to blame football […]

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Turns out Twitter Lists aren’t a great source for researching your brand’s keywords…go figure.

So I am a nosy inquisitive person full of random thoughts, and I wondered how useful Twitter lists could be at giving you an indication of the keywords people associate with your brand, picking Starbucks to poke around as I thought I could easily identify their core business. (In case you don’t know, they sell […]

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Looking for disgruntled Tweeters

I’m currently working on some research to quantify how far a negative brand message can travel via social media and I’m looking for some test subjects. If you’d like to help out I’m looking for people who have had a genuine bad customer service experience recently and would be willing to vent their frustration with […]

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What do you wear to a Twestival?

I’m attending the Edinburgh Twestival (or #EdTwestival) on Thursday and I’m left pondering what do you wear to one of these doos? Obviously the usual Scottish “festival” wear is out of the question, unless it snows I will look rather out of place inside in wellies, not to mention they hamper the dancing. The best […]

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