What do you wear to a Twestival?

Twestival 2010
I’m attending the Edinburgh Twestival (or #EdTwestival) on Thursday and I’m left pondering what do you wear to one of these doos?

Obviously the usual Scottish “festival” wear is out of the question, unless it snows I will look rather out of place inside in wellies, not to mention they hamper the dancing. The best and the brightest of Edinburgh’s Twitterati will be out in force so should I be dressing to impress? I’m sure a lovely little black cocktail dress would go down great but rats my iPhone just does not go with this outfit and how can I tweet people at the bar without it?

Given this shindig is all about Social Media perhaps it would be more appropriate to “geek out” my outfit? Subtly of course, social media geeks are cool creatures who usually rock a look more akin to Steve Jobs than the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Maybe my lovely t-shirt from the awesome computer game Portal would work well? It’s geeky in a subtle way and has a cute little Companion Cube on the boob, oh wait is that inappropriate? Do I really want loads of non video game players asking me what on earth is that on your boob? Damn I really thought I was on to a winner there!

Oh well at least I still have two more days to decide. *Stares inside wardrobe and despairs*


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