So yea the reading hasn’t gone *quite* to plan

If you are one of the three people who I know read my musings on here (thanks guys you make this an actual blog and not just my own private diary) you’ll remember I had a plan to try and ingest as much knowledge as possible on the issues of SEO/PPC and digital marketing via some lovely textbooks bought via

Well it turns out I haven’t actually read any of them yet, though not entirely my fault as my Amazon order hasn’t turned up. Really though I have no excuses as to why I haven’t read the one book I actually have access to, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve subconsciously started to resent having to spend my precious free time reading material to keep up with my professional development. (I’m also scoffing at the idea of precious free time considering I spent Easter weekend playing video games.)

I guess its just laziness and that there is always something FAR more interesting that I could be doing like playing piano. The guys that wrote Freakonomics taught me that humans always react better to incentives than disincentives so what incentive can you think of to make me read a boring textbook? (Its cheating to say “better job” or improved professional skills, I want an inventive incentive.)

My spectacular failure to read hasn’t hampered my desire to learn more about SEO/PPC. By amazing good fortune the next New Media Breakfast event is being given by Tim Barlow from Attacat who have been doing SEO since around the dawn of Google. I fully intend to absorb as much of his expert wisdom as possible on Thursday to make up for the lack of books. I’m also told a major selling point is that there will be an iPad in attendance, almost as if its an A list celeb making a guest appearance. However as I am one of the lucky people who got to touch Jon Mountjoy’s iPad at #EdCM last Friday I’m *actually* going for the SEO spiel and not because Im an Apple fanboy…honest!


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