#JacksFreeBurritos goes down a storm on Twitter

Illegal Jacks
Illegal Jacks in Edinburgh
An excellent example of small businesses getting social media right.

Illegal Jacks was the place to be in Edinburgh today, if you wanted a free burrito that is. Today was #Jacksfreeburritos day with the restaurant giving away 1000 free burritos to anyone who walked through their door. Thanks to successful promotion on Twitter and Facebook the queue was out the door 5 minutes after opening and soon stretching back to the nearby “titty bar”.

the Twitterfall @illegaljacks
Perhaps proving just how far the people of Edinburgh are willing to go for a free lunch, many were willing to wait in the queue for over 30 minutes just for a burrito. Spirits were kept up with frequent tweeting from the queue (see twitterfall above), only the Brits could have such a great time while queuing.

The #Jacksfreeburritos offer is still on with 400 burritos given away so far, watch this space for more on this story later.

*edit*As of 7:30pm tonight the burrito count was over 800 and still rising, you have until 9pm to get your free noms

I’ll also be posting more in depth about Illegal Jacks and just how far a good brand message spreads using social media in the near future.


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