I’m told I need an iPad, I’m not sure why?

Steve Jobs with iPad
Dear Leader launches the iPad

The international launch date for the iPad is fast approaching and I feel like the whole world is buying one except for me. I am constantly overhearing excited fellow geeks talking about how much memory they are going to get or debating the merits of its wi-fi capabilities. I’m honestly starting to feel like I’m the only person NOT excited by this shiny new toy, and it’s not just because any sane person waits for second generation. It just all seems so limiting. It’s half a Macbook at half the price but I’d still rather have the Macbook. A friend has told me an iPad would be perfect for me to “blog” on but didn’t explain why which was rather frustrating. Its like when I ask why do I need this product and people respond with chuh you just do alright? WHY? Where’s the substance??

Apple marketing (plus enthusiastic Apple Fanboy boyfriend) usually works its magic on me, so I’ve no idea why it hasn’t this time. Perhaps its the unfortunate connotations with feminine hygiene products that’s off putting?


3 thoughts on “I’m told I need an iPad, I’m not sure why?

  1. I’ve got the new, super-secret iPad v2.0.

    It has USB ports, a keyboard, a DVD player etc.

    It’s called a MacBook Pro.

    iPad is a cool toy, but my gut feel is it won’t be the gamechanger that the iPod was.

    Still, selling 1 million a month ain’t bad… it isn’t the turkey that Google Wave has (so far) been.. boy, that was a triumph of “ain’t it cool” over actual customer need.

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