Turns out Twitter Lists aren’t a great source for researching your brand’s keywords…go figure.

So I am a nosy inquisitive person full of random thoughts, and I wondered how useful Twitter lists could be at giving you an indication of the keywords people associate with your brand, picking Starbucks to poke around as I thought I could easily identify their core business. (In case you don’t know, they sell coffee.)

Screengrab of Starbucks Twitter
Coffee anyone?

Notice anything odd? This is a screenshot taken of a random selection from some of the 10,800 people who have listed the Starbucks Twitter account and it comes back with absolutely no reference to the word “Coffee”. You would think a company that specialises in selling coffee and even has the word coffee in their name would have more fans listing them as a coffee shop.

Starbucks are probably a bad example given this is a small sample from over ten thousand and I can’t find anything that would scan and show me what the most popular list name on their account is. *curses* (If anyone knows of such a website or app please let me know.)

A more interesting thought (other than what the hell eatrotica is…see 4th list from the bottom guys) was pondering why Coffee isn’t more prevalent on there? Are people more likely to name their Twitter lists based on what they gain from the list, classifying Starbucks as “promotions” “freebies” or “deals” because they can get discounts on their coffees from the account? Or perhaps Starbucks have dramatically diversified and I just haven’t noticed.

I guess the above picture just goes to show that a brand and its customers can have two completely different views about what service you provide.

…no really. What the hell is eatrotica? I’m too scared to click on the link.


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