Social media and healthy snacks? Sounds like a winner to me

As you may have gathered from the amount of baking I do my office get treated to baked goodies rather a lot. It leads to problems at this time of year as many of us have realised that Christmas (and the inevitable office party) is not actually that far away. With party dresses in mind all sweeties, cakes and biscuits have been banned from the office until further notice and we are ushering in a era of healthy snacks. (I’m already being called a fascist for hiding the biscuit barrel and rumours of a resistance smuggling in cookies has reached my ears and its only been 2 days so far.) So my friend offering me some vouchers for really could not have been better timed.

For those not in the know Graze is a website that promotes healthier eating by sending you nutritious nibbley snacks in the post. Perfect for your desk, they’re a cheap and healthy way to fight off the mid morning and mid afternoon snacks that so often end up being crisps and biscuits. Its vast and varied product range means that there is something for everyone and it’ll take awhile to work your way through everything. But what has really had me excited is it’s a company that feels like it was made for social media (oh come on, who get’s excited over dried fruit and nuts?)

This is something that screams word of mouth marketing and the free vouchers you get when you sign up ensures that those who you do talk to about it sign up to try for themselves. (The voucher gives you the first box free and the second half price.) A great example of this is my office. I heard about this from my friend in London who gave me one of her vouchers, I use this to get my own account and my own set of vouchers and now 4 other people in my office have signed up. Perhaps a big part of that is the fact Graze send your box to your office and nothing seems to generate excitement more than receiving a package at work. There is also an element of school lunch boxes here, with calls of “ooh what did you get? I had that last time it’s yummy”. A bewildering commentary for those in the office who haven’t signed up and therefore not experienced the “pina colada fruit mix”. Graze have also made it easy to share codes via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook so you can encourage your virtual networks to try it too.

Graze have made themselves easy to share and easy to recommend but they are also easy to like. You’ll receive an email the day your box is delivered asking you to provide personal feedback. The foods you loved Graze will send more often and the ones you hated you’ll never see again. Graze gradually learn what you like and dislike but you get to try a whole bunch of stuff along the way.

My Graze Box
My Graze Box

I’m pretty hooked already, though I’m unsure just how long I’m supposed to make these boxes last. So far my box has only lasted three days however I was thoroughly overexcited about the whole thing and may have wanted to try everything immediately. Perhaps once the shine has worn off a bit I’ll be able to give a more accurate estimate of how long a box lasts.

I really can’t recommend this enough. It’s so much cheaper than buying “healthy desk food” from a supermarket, it’s nicer too and they take the hassle of buying it out of the way by mailing it to you. So in the spirit of recommending and sharing if you would like to try a free box you can use this code to get one

Happy snacking!


2 thoughts on “Social media and healthy snacks? Sounds like a winner to me

  1. It’s amazing just how many people have recommended it to me. I think there site is one of the best I’ve seen for ease and usability, and is my standard ‘What site do you like?’ answer. The whole thing oozes brand values down to the paper stock of the packaging. Truly a social product and marketed well with the introductory free/ discounted offers, it’s just begging to be pushed across social media but beyond recommending emails and a Twitter account I’ve not seen any other activity.

    1. I’ve been wondering if it’s be a predominately London thing that’s now working its way in to other cities? Perhaps we’ll start to see it a bit more as it gets a bit more well known outside of the big smoke.

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