Looking for disgruntled Tweeters

I’m currently working on some research to quantify how far a negative brand message can travel via social media and I’m looking for some test subjects. If you’d like to help out I’m looking for people who have had a genuine bad customer service experience recently and would be willing to vent their frustration with […]

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What do you wear to a Twestival?

I’m attending the Edinburgh Twestival (or #EdTwestival) on Thursday and I’m left pondering what do you wear to one of these doos? Obviously the usual Scottish “festival” wear is out of the question, unless it snows I will look rather out of place inside in wellies, not to mention they hamper the dancing. The best […]

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Why I’m not using Google Buzz

I seem to have been christened the unofficial social media person in my office. Perhaps the early indication should have been when my boss started calling me “The Big Twit” but then she could also have been calling me names, who knows? I know the social media commentators have already been quick to pass their […]

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