Why can’t you type with your eyes closed?

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Truely this stuff is only talked about at work and it really belongs on Twitter, but 140 chars would never have done it justice.

Bizarre discovery of the day!

I’m not the best in the world at touch typing I can however type fairly fast with little reasonable errors. I can type away quite happily if I can see the writing coming up on the screen as I go along. Now comes the bizarre part!

If I shut my eyes or look away from the screen whilst I’m typing I can’t touch type anymore! It’s the weirdest thing; you would think that something that is all about muscle memory would work even when you have your eyes shut because your fingers should automatically know where to go. Upon telling my work mates of my amazing discovery they quickly joined the experiment, mainly to prove that I am just a crap typer (yea thanks guys.) They discovered that none of them could type with their eyes closed either even though they are far more competent typers than me. (There were varying levels of success but no one could match their own skills with their eyes open.)

What does this mean? Does muscle memory actually require you to be able to see what you are writing or is my office merely some weird anomaly in all this?

Give it a try for yourselves. I need to know if it’s actually impossible or if there some of you incredibly gifted enough to touch type with your eyes closed.


5 thoughts on “Why can’t you type with your eyes closed?

  1. ok i’ve done my best t type you a comment with my eyes closed, without correcting any mistakes, and i’m also listening to a ted talk by DAvd Burne

    Hey that wasn’t too bad!

  2. Ok, so here is my effort, typed with my eyes shut and not corrected at all. Hopefully it won’t be too embarrassing for me, considering I learned to tough type an amazing 25 years ago. Interesting experiment though, and clearly not something I should be doing when I;m trying to finihs my column for Scotland on Sunday, lol.

    Wow – eyes open now, that wasn’t too bad at all. Tough typing? Freudian error rather than a typing-in-the-dark error?

    Who knows?

    Liked the blog, Kelly

  3. Ok here we go,. This should be relativelt simple so long as I dont lose the position of my hands with reference to the starting kletters. I think its going well so far as the delete and space are where I think.

    Thats not too bad!! pretty tough though!

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