I need Festival Mentors

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Edinburgh Festival
Even Elvis has done the Festival!
It’s now less than a month until the Edinburgh Festival begins and as per usual I have nothing planned. Please don’t assume I am some jaded local who has been “experiencing” the Festival for many years, who now looks upon the descending horde with derision and sighs at the inconvenience they must endure. I honestly love Festival time, many a year I have tried my best to fully immerse myself in the atmosphere and attend some shows but the stars have never really aligned for me attendance wise. (Ok I’ll admit right now that a lot of the times I ended up in the pub all day and “forgot” to go to the shows I was supposed to see.)

So this time I’m want to make a proper effort to experience something (anything!) and not end up having lived my whole life here and never made it to a show. This is why I’ve decided I need Festival Mentors who can help advise me and recommend good things to see and do. (It would also help if they could get me out of the pub.)

Could you be my Festival Mentor?

I’m really relying on the people I know through the extended medium of social media, who have better cultural standards than I do (I’m a complete geek after all), to recommend me to some top notch shows. What would be even better is if you are willing to gently ease me in to all this madness; come with me for a day/night to be my guide and you can have a free box of cupcakes or some booze for pretending to be my mate for a day.

If you are interested in this position (or are just taking pity on sad, pathetic little me) or have some recommendations for things to see and do, drop me a comment below.


One thought on “I need Festival Mentors

  1. I can highly recommend these three shows, which have now become an annual tradition for us:

    Camille O’Sullivan: burlesque style singer, covering Tom Waits, Nick Cave. David Bowie and others – she always puts on a stunning show, dark, intimate and funny;

    Barbershopera: wonderfully funny barbershop quartet humour, with one girl and three guy singers – they pick a different subject for their story every year; and

    Shakespeare for Breakfast: wicked Shakespearian-style lines all based on pop culture references. You usually get a free croissant and tea or coffee at the start too.

    Hope this helps!

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