Oh how I miss The West Wing

I make no secret of the fact my favourite TV show ever was The West Wing, it’s been awhile since I watched it so I thought I’d start again from the beginning. The show has a lot of moments that are truly great television but it wasn’t until this scene in season 4, called 20 Hours in America part 2, that I really remembered why I love this show so much.

The shock on the faces of all the characters as they hear the news about pipe bombs exploding at a state university while Tori Amos sings is the background is enough to raise goosebumps on your arms but it’s the President who brings a lump to your throat. His speech still brings a a tear to my eye even though I’ve probably seen this episode around 20 times.

If you haven’t seen The West Wing before you absolutely should, even if you don’t like politics very much.

*If you managed to watch this clip without feeling anything at all you are clearly a robot who probably didn’t cry at the first 20 minutes of the Disney movie Up either…*


3 thoughts on “Oh how I miss The West Wing

  1. Kelly,

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !

    A number of year ago a huge guilty pleasure for me as frequent transatlantic trips took me away from my young family.. was the chance to watch back to back West Wing episodes on those long flights.

    I’m flying over again next week (and will be @illegaljacks a few days after that!), and you’ve given me my playlist… I’m going to start all over again.

    That speech is the best, but here are some more of my absolute favourite West Wing moments :

    Closing moments of Season Two.. unbelievably well done :

    Ripping his opponent to shreds in the Presidential Debate :

    Oh, and don’t forget Sorkin wrote this speech in American President :

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