I’m on a writers holiday

It’s not quite what you’d imagine. If I personally didn’t know better I’d have presumed I was going off to some sort of stately home or camp to immerse myself in the ways of writing (for a reasonable fee naturally) in much the same way that people go on cooking holidays.

In reality I’ve actually been taking a break from writing things as trying to provide content for 3 different places was burning me out a bit. Usually I’ll be humming the “Murder She Wrote” theme in my head as I hammer merrily away at my keyboard but recently its felt a bit forced. The good news about taking a break is having loads of free time to remember all the fun things you did before you gave your life over to the higher power that is Social Media.

Crocheted Baby Blanket
Crocheted Baby Blanket

In my case it meant I had the time to make this beautiful baby blanket for my friend who is having her first baby in a few weeks. The non writing activity doesn’t stop there though; I’ve made a batch of cakes every week, read about a dozen books, started running again in the evenings, finished a load of video games and devoured 4 seasons of the West Wing on DVD. Wowee free time is fun!

Worry ye not for this kind of fun wasn’t meant to last and I’ll be returning to my old crazy workaholic self in no time at all. I’ve even managed to write around 300 words of an article for The Social Penguin Blog though it’s currently reading so saccharine sweet (and utterly unlike me) that I’m beginning to entertain the fact that I may have been possessed when I wrote it.


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