As if Inception blowing my wasn’t enough now the soundtrack is too

I’m not supposed to buy anything for myself between now and Christmas. As I’m so difficult to buy gifts for I’m not allowed to take away from that small pool of potential presents, except I just went and downloaded the Inception soundtrack…whoops.

Inception poster
Your mind is the scene of the crime

In my defence this is really all Spotify’s fault. Because I can’t buy anything I’ve been utilising my Spotify account much more than I have before, and it just so happens that they have the Inception soundtrack on there. Fine so far. Unfortunately I don’t have access to Spotify at work (I know, how sad for me missing the #Fridaymix playlists) as streamed media like this takes up too much bandwidth. So I went and bought it for my iphone instead so I can listen to it at work.

I’ve been pretty astounded at the themes built by Hans Zimmer in this score but then I found out that all the music is derived from the Edith Piaf song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, which is a major plot device in the movie. My mind is officially blown, how amazing is that? Someone posted this video below slowing down Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien to discover the musical genesis of the main theme of the soundtrack associated with the “kick” back to reality.

Hans Zimmer is quoted as saying he used the slowed down Edith Piaf song, especially in the ending credits, to imply to the viewer that they had been dreaming and that it was time for them to wake up (the kick). Really clever stuff that kind of messes with your head a bit (and I love stuff that does that).

I’ve also been using the Inception App recently which is based around the soundtrack but is also an experiment in augmented reality, using your headphones and mic to weave sounds picked up in to the music you hear. This is partly why I bought the soundtrack, I had a chance to listen to parts of it in an interesting and different way. Hopefully this will be something we see more off in the future.


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