I need help choosing a Christmas present for myself

No I’m not kidding, I am actually the worst person to buy gifts for.

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy and I have very few wants in life (none of which can be bought) which should actually make buying presents for me a breeze, I’m grateful to receive any kind of present when someone has been thoughtfully enough to buy one for me. The reality though is that my loved ones actually get a bit annoyed when they ask me what I would like for Christmas and I reply that I don’t need anything. It’s possible I make them feel a little guilty as (even though I hate Christmas) I tend to put a lot of effort and thought in to my gifts, especially the ones I make myself.

So this is a public appeal to all of you to save me from grouchy family this Christmas and help me compile a list of (sensible) gift ideas that I can pass on to them. (Or even better you can tell me what you are asking for from Santa this year and I can pinch ideas from your lists.) What are the must have items this year for any discerning 20 something geeky female who likes video games and baking?


One thought on “I need help choosing a Christmas present for myself

  1. Im having the same problem :/ lol about the same info too lol almost 20 and i like playing games now my bf got me into it. but i can not think of anything at all that i want or need :/

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